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“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul

and with all your strength and with all your mind”
 - Luke 10:27 -

We give praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord, who has faithfully led us for another year with His grace.
The more I reflect, the more I see that the depth of grace seems to increase with the passage of time. Countless circumstances hit us, but we gained strength as we experienced the Lord walking over the stormy seas towards us. We have stumbled at times, but the Word of the Lord that stilled the mighty wind enabled us to get back up and walk alongside Him once again. To live under the grace of God – that is the lifelong blessing of all Christians.

As we welcome the year 2020, the annual theme for our church reflects our desire to focus on evangelism and global missions.
The annual theme is based on Psalms 67:7, where the psalmist sings of the day when all the nations will praise God.

Let all the ends of the earth fear him

Would such a day come indeed? As we observe the current trends of our day, such a day seems less and less imminent. The world insinuates that we forget about God.
The Bible, which is the Word of God, is treated by the world as one of the ancient mythologies. Humanity appears to control the world as if we are now sitting enthroned as the new deities. We hear the groanings of Christians who are regarded by the world as pitiable. Where does the faith of the church come from? Can we hold onto the Word of God in our world until the very end? We shall exalt the almighty God and worship Him until the very end. For God is worthy of receiving all glory, honor, and praise. We shall boldly march to the world with the Word of God in our hands. For the Word of the Lord endures forever. We shall trust our God until the very end. For He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

To make the ends of the earth fear the Lord – such a task is not accomplished through our efforts. The zeal of the Lord shall accomplish it. We are merely invited to participate.
Now is the time to boast in our weakness. For we have the opportunity to declare that God alone is our power. The ends of the earth will fear Him! The hope that God’s will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven – that is the hope of the church. May you be the people of God who live every day with the call of the Lord etched in the tablet of your hearts.

Pastor  Shinil Park 
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